About this Alliance

About This Alliance


The Messianic Jewish Alliance of Germany participates as a charter member of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance.

The Jewish community in Germany—including Messianic Jews is decimated by World War II.

The German alliance dwindles to the point where it ceases to exist.

Late 1980s:
Russian Jewish refugees migrate to Germany. The Jewish population surges from 30,000 to about 300,000.

1994 to 1995:
The Messianic Jewish movement in Germany begins to resurge.

The MJGA rejoins the IMJA.

Points of Interest

  • Germany is unique in that its Messianic movement began within the Russian community that immigrated to the country.
  • In recent years, rehabilitation centers have been established for Jewish people struggling with drugs and alcoholism.
  • There are about 40 Messianic Jewish groups in the country.
  • Israelis Jews in increasing numbers have been moving to Germany.
  • New Messianic Jewish congregations are emerging in Germany, and many of the first-time attendees are Jewish and become believers. Pockets of revival continue in different parts of the nation.
  • Messianic believers in Germany have increasingly connected to Israel, with outreaches that clearly testify of their support through humanitarian and other aid and social work.